Weekly Roundup – Tips to Increase the Value of your Business

Six quick tips to increase the value of your business:

  • Have a written security alarm contract with each customer.
  • Use only proper industry standard security alarm contracts.
  • Your contracts should include automatic renewal clauses for services, such as central station monitoring, where permitted by your state’s law.
  • Offer Service Maintenance Plans to increase your RMR (recurring monthly revenue).
  • Keep a close eye on your accounts receivables (accounts more than 90 days overdue are a red flag).
  • Control your annual attrition; strive to keep it less than 6% (attrition in this context means the loss of existing customers, without offsetting the loss with newly added customers).

MICHAEL J. REVNESS, ESQ., is the founder of AlarmLegal.com, and a founding partner at the law firm of KURTZ & REVNESS, P.C. Please contact me at michael.revness@kandrlaw.com (or 610-688-2855) if you would like to schedule a full date on-site legal review or if I can be of assistance with the drafting security alarm contracts, purchase or sale of security alarm accounts or other related security industry legal services.

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