Weekly Roundup – Employment Restrictive Covenants – What you Need to Know Archive October 2017

Weekly Roundup – Employment Restrictive Covenants – What you Need to Know

EMPLOYMENT RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS, are they fair and legally enforceable?  Employment restrictive covenants generally include non-compete agreements, non-solicitation of customer agreements, and confidentiality agreements.  Contrary to popular belief, most states will in fact enforce these agreements if they are properly drafted; that is, reasonable in time, scope and geographic location.   However, are these agreements fair?  […]

Weekly Roundup – CCTV Systems and Wiretapping Laws

More and more customers are asking for CCTV systems with audio recording capability.  This combination of video and audio recording raises issues under both Federal and State Wiretapping Laws that may make it unlawful to record conversations without the consent of one or more of the persons being recorded.  We recommend you have a clause […]

Weekly Roundup – On-Site Legal Review

Running a business can get complicated. It is important to stay on top of legal changes in the law and understand legal nuances to assure that your business operates appropriately. Are your security alarm contracts up to speed? Is your business legally compliant? Do you have a shareholders agreement, operating agreement or partnership agreement with […]

Weekly Roundup – Attorney Fee Shifting Clause

IF YOUR CUSTOMER FAILS TO PAY YOUR INVOICE AND YOU HIRE A LAWYER TO FILE A COLLECTION LAWSUIT, DO YOU RECOVER YOUR ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND COURT COSTS IF YOU PREVAIL IN COURT? ANSWER: NO, unless your security alarm contract contains a properly drafted clause permitting you to recover attorneys’ fees and court costs if you […]