Weekly Roundup – On-Site Legal Review

Running a business can get complicated. It is important to stay on top of legal changes in the law and understand legal nuances to assure that your business operates appropriately.

  • Are your security alarm contracts up to speed?
  • Is your business legally compliant?
  • Do you have a shareholders agreement, operating agreement or partnership agreement with your partners?
  • Are you building recurring monthly revenue and maximizing the value of your business?
  • Are your employment procedures in order?
  • Do you have legal questions about other aspects of your business?


Let us help you. One of our most popular services is the full day on-site legal review.  During this service, Michael J. Revness, Esq., will personally review and make recommendations regarding your security alarm contracts; customer collection and termination procedures; employment hiring and termination procedures, employee handbook, employment contracts and employee restrictive covenant agreements; licensing and other legal compliance issues; maximizing your business valuation; and other legal issues relating to your business.  The cost of the service is a flat daily rate, plus travel expenses.

MICHAEL J. REVNESS, ESQ., is the founder of AlarmLegal.com and a founding partner at the law firm of KURTZ & REVNESS, P.C.  Please contact me at mrevness@kandrlaw.com or 610-688-2855 if I can be of assistance with the drafting security alarm contracts, purchase or sale of security alarm accounts or other related security industry legal services.

This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute, and should not be relied upon as, legal advice.