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Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

It is the standard of our industry for your contracts with your customers to contain both a Limitation of Liability Provision and an Indemnification Provision. I am often asked, “What is the difference?” Here is your answer. A Limitation of Liability Provision limits or caps the damages (money) which can be recovered against your company […]

Don’t Overdo Those Websites

In this electronic age, many of us use our website to advertise our services and provide information, guidance, and advice to customers, prospective customers, or the general public. While you most certainly should continue to do so, there are a couple of real legal concerns to look out for: Disclaimers. If you are providing general […]

Be Careful with Your Purchase Orders

Many of you use purchase orders. That is, you first present a new customer with a written purchaser order setting forth the schedule of protection, services, and applicable charges. You then ask your customer to sign the purchase order, committing to the order and terms. Then, once the purchase order is signed, you later present […]