Weekly Roundup – Remote Access Agreement

All 50 states now have computer crime laws addressing unauthorized access of computers, including electronic devices and related systems.  For those of you in our security alarm industry that are remotely accessing your customer computers, security alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control systems and other related systems for service, report generation, accessing or storing or retrieving data, adding and removing users, firmware updates and other related purposes, we strongly recommend you obtain a REMOTE ACCESS AGREEMENT signed by your Customer.

MICHAEL J. REVNESS, ESQ., is the founder of AlarmLegal.com,  and a founding partner at the law firm of KURTZ & REVNESS, P.C.  Please contact me at michael.revness@kandrlaw.com (or 610-688-2855) if I can be of assistance with the drafting of a REMOTE ACCESS AGREEMENT, security alarm contracts, the purchase or sale of security alarm accounts or other related security industry legal services.

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