Announcing offers the security alarm industry special and targeted matchmaker and other related services specifically for those seeking to purchase or sell security alarm monitoring accounts, inspection and testing accounts and related assets.

Michael J. Revness, Esq. is the founder of He is also the founder of, and a founding partner of the Law Firm of Kurtz & Revness, P.C. (

Some of the special and targeted services we offer through include:

Matchmaker Service
Ready to sell your security alarm business? Let us match you up with a qualified buyer. In the market to grow your security alarm business? Let us find you a qualified seller.

Seller’s Assist
Preparing your business to sell is crucially important to maximize value, and close your transaction as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We are uniquely qualified to guide you through the phases of the buy-sell transaction.

How much is your business worth? How much should you pay for a business? Please allow us the opportunity to assist in valuing security alarm businesses and related monitoring and inspection accounts.

In addition to our services, offers specific contract forms ready for immediate purchase so you can begin to educate yourself on typical and customary terms of a purchase or sale of security alarm accounts and related assets.

Some of the special and targeted contract forms we offer through include:

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for Buy/Sell Discussions relating to Monitoring Accounts
If you are looking to sell alarm accounts and have identified an interested buyer, your first step is to obtain a Non-Disclosure Agreement from the buyer to protect your confidential information.

Letter of Intent for Purchase and Sale of Monitoring Accounts
If you are looking to buy or sell alarm accounts and wish to educate yourself on the key terms of the letter of intent, this is a great tool.

Please visit for a full list of our services and contract offerings.

For legal assistance in purchasing or selling security alarm accounts, please contact Michael J. Revness, 610-688-2855 or

MICHAEL J. REVNESS, ESQ., is the founder of and a founding partner at the law firm of KURTZ & REVNESS, P.C. Please contact me at (or 610-688-2855) if I can be of assistance with the drafting security alarm contracts, purchase or sale of security alarm accounts or other related security industry legal services.