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Tips When Negotiating Your Next Contract With A Temporary Staffing Company

SIX (6) TIPS WHEN NEGOTIATING YOUR NEXT CONTRACT WITH A TEMPORARY STAFFING COMPANY. Well qualified technicians are becoming more and more scarce, and many of you are turning to temporary staffing companies to fill you short term and longer-term technical staffing needs. Here are six (6) tips when you are negotiating your next contract with […]

Conventional Wisdom and DIY Systems

A CHALLENGE TO THE CONVENTIONAL WISDOM ON THE IMPACT OF DIY SYSTEMS ON THE “HOT” RESIDENTIAL ACCOUNT ACQUISITION MARKET? DIY Systems continue to invade the traditional residential security alarm model through inexpensive, sleek in design, and easy to use and install security alarm products. Moreover, some companies selling DIY Systems are offering professional monitoring at […]

Weekly Roundup – Remote Access Agreement

All 50 states now have computer crime laws addressing unauthorized access of computers, including electronic devices and related systems.  For those of you in our security alarm industry that are remotely accessing your customer computers, security alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control systems and other related systems for service, report generation, accessing or storing or […]

Happy Holidays

Season’s greetings to you and yours! Warmest greetings of the season and every good wish to you and yours for the coming year. Sincerest thanks for your valued business and trust and confidence. Michael Revness, Esq. (610) 688-2885

Weekly Roundup – Contractor’s Liquidated Damages Warranty


Weekly Roundup – Employment Restrictive Covenants – What you Need to Know

EMPLOYMENT RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS, are they fair and legally enforceable?  Employment restrictive covenants generally include non-compete agreements, non-solicitation of customer agreements, and confidentiality agreements.  Contrary to popular belief, most states will in fact enforce these agreements if they are properly drafted; that is, reasonable in time, scope and geographic location.   However, are these agreements fair?  […]

Weekly Roundup – CCTV Systems and Wiretapping Laws

More and more customers are asking for CCTV systems with audio recording capability.  This combination of video and audio recording raises issues under both Federal and State Wiretapping Laws that may make it unlawful to record conversations without the consent of one or more of the persons being recorded.  We recommend you have a clause […]

Weekly Roundup – On-Site Legal Review

Running a business can get complicated. It is important to stay on top of legal changes in the law and understand legal nuances to assure that your business operates appropriately. Are your security alarm contracts up to speed? Is your business legally compliant? Do you have a shareholders agreement, operating agreement or partnership agreement with […]

Weekly Roundup – Attorney Fee Shifting Clause

IF YOUR CUSTOMER FAILS TO PAY YOUR INVOICE AND YOU HIRE A LAWYER TO FILE A COLLECTION LAWSUIT, DO YOU RECOVER YOUR ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND COURT COSTS IF YOU PREVAIL IN COURT? ANSWER: NO, unless your security alarm contract contains a properly drafted clause permitting you to recover attorneys’ fees and court costs if you […]

Weekly Roundup – Tips to Increase the Value of your Business

Six quick tips to increase the value of your business: Have a written security alarm contract with each customer. Use only proper industry standard security alarm contracts. Your contracts should include automatic renewal clauses for services, such as central station monitoring, where permitted by your state’s law. Offer Service Maintenance Plans to increase your RMR […]

Weekly Roundup – Increase your Recurring Monthly Revenue

Increase your Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) by offering Maintenance Service Plans for security alarm systems, which can include labor only or labor and parts. Further, consider providing your customers with an option to add after-hours service for an additional recurring monthly fee. Maintenance Service Plans can also increase the value of your business, as buyers […]

Kurtz & Revness Expands!

Welcome Christopher Lee Kurtz & Revness, P.C. is proud to announce that B. Christopher Lee has joined the Firm as Of Counsel and co-chairs the Construction Law practice group and Construction Litigation practice group. Together, we have grown into one of the region’s most respected boutique business, real estate and commercial litigation firms and we […]

We are pleased to announce the launch of offers highly specialized Mediation services solely to the Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm and Life/Safety Industry. Michael J. Revness, Esq. is the founder of and available to help you through the mediation process.  He is also the founder of, and a founding partner of the Law Firm of Kurtz & Revness, P.C. ( Mr. Revness is one of […]

The Marketplace Buyer Listing THE MARKETPLACE Designed to bring together both buyers and sellers of security alarm companies, accounts and other assets within the security alarm industry. If you are looking to sell your security alarm company or some or all of your monitoring accounts, we are pleased to notify you of the following interested Buyer: Current Available […]

The Marketplace Buyer Listing THE MARKETPLACE Designed to bring together both buyers and sellers of security alarm companies, accounts and other assets within the security alarm industry. If you are looking to sell your security alarm company or some or all of your monitoring accounts, we are pleased to notify you of the following interested Buyer: Current Available […]

Michael Revness is Practicing Law in New York!

Michael J. Revness, Esq. was sworn in April 27, 2017 as a Member of the New York Bar and is now fully licensed to practice law in New York. Michael is also admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.Michael is the founder of and a founding partner at the law firm of Kurtz & Revness, P.C. Please […]

Understanding our Industry Contract Presentation

Michael J. Revness, Esq. is a featured guest speaker today at 3:00 p.m. (EDT) for the Pennsylvania Association of Fire Equipment Dealers’ Spring Conference at the Valley Forge Casino Report in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Michael’s topic will be “Understanding our Industry Contract.”  

Announcing offers the security alarm industry special and targeted matchmaker and other related services specifically for those seeking to purchase or sell security alarm monitoring accounts, inspection and testing accounts and related assets. Michael J. Revness, Esq. is the founder of He is also the founder of, and a founding partner of the […]

Upcoming Security Alarm Industry Presentations

Michael Revness, Esq. will be presenting the following three seminars at the upcoming New Jersey Electronic and Security Association (“NJESA”) in Atlantic City, New Jersey from March 1 to March 3: NJ Licensing Law (Required CEU Course for NJ Licensing) Selling Your Alarm Company – Buying Another Alarm Company Understanding your Industry Security Alarm Contract For conference registration, please visit the NJESA […]

The Legal Corner: Electronic Contracts and Signatures

Even our security alarm contracts are moving forward into the digital age. Various electronic signature platforms (like DocuSign, for example) permit us to download our contract forms into an electronic platform and then send those contracts electronically to our customers and obtain electronic signatures from our customers. However, are these electronic signatures valid and enforceable? […]

Happy Holidays from

Wishing you and yours health and happiness this Holiday Season and continued success in the New Year. Thank you so much for your support and making the launch of a success this year. Best, Michael Revness, Esq. (610) 688-2885

The Legal Corner: Understanding Limitation of Liability Provisions

My last article on “Understanding Third Party Indemnification Provisions” was well received – thank you! In fact, so well received that I was asked by many of you to do a similar article to discuss “Understanding Limitation of Liability Provisions.” Ask and you shall receive! A well-constructed contract in our life/safety industry will include (in […]

The Legal Corner: Understanding Third Party Indemnification Provisions

A well-constructed contract in our life/safety industry will include a provision requiring your customer to indemnify your company from any losses suffered by third parties (a third party in this context is any person or entity who did not have a contract with your company for any security alarm equipment or service, but was damaged […]

“Battle of the Contract Forms”

A “battle of the contract forms” refers to the clash of the standard form contracts exchanged between a security alarm company and its customer. This “battle” is becoming more and more common in commercial sales, where an owner or property manager often insists that its contract form prevails over yours. A “battle of the contract […]

Presentation on Licensing for Fire and Burglar Alarm Contractors and Certification for Fire Equipment Protection Contractors in the State of New Jersey

Michael J. Revness, Esq., a founding partner at Kurtz & Revness, P.C. and, presented at the North Jersey ASCET Meeting, on September 27th, 2016.  The topic for this month’s meeting was, “Licensing for fire and burglar alarm contractors and Certification for fire protection equipment contractors in New Jersey”.  Michael discussed the importance of licensing […]

Looking To Sell Your Alarm Company, But Have No Written Contracts? Here Are Some Tips.

There is a fruitful market for the purchase and sale of security alarm monitoring accounts documented on solid industry form written contracts (“Contracted Monitoring Accounts”), as Contracted Monitoring Accounts typically provide for recurring monthly revenue. Based on my experience, the current multiple in the marketplace being paid by buyers for Contracted Monitoring Accounts is in […]

The Legal Corner: Audio Video Wire Tap Disclaimer

If you are selling and installing video cameras with an audio recording feature, this may present a legal trap for you and your customer under federal and state wiretap laws. now has an Audio Video Wire Tap Disclaimer available for purchase to protect your company and educate your customer. Please visit us at […]

Security Alarm Contract Quiz

Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of the key terms of the security alarm contract. The answers are at the bottom.   If we can be of service, please contact Michael Revness, Esq. at 1. Limitation of Liability protects the company against: (a) losses incurred by our customer’s guests (b) losses incurred by […]

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity – What is the Difference?

Your Alarm Contract should contain both a Limitation of Liability Provision and an Indemnification Provision.  I am often asked, what is the difference?  Here is your answer. A Limitation of Liability Provision limits the damages (money) which can be recovered against your Company by your Customer if you make a mistake. An Indemnification Provision requires […]

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

It is the standard of our industry for your contracts with your customers to contain both a Limitation of Liability Provision and an Indemnification Provision. I am often asked, “What is the difference?” Here is your answer. A Limitation of Liability Provision limits or caps the damages (money) which can be recovered against your company […]

Don’t Overdo Those Websites

In this electronic age, many of us use our website to advertise our services and provide information, guidance, and advice to customers, prospective customers, or the general public. While you most certainly should continue to do so, there are a couple of real legal concerns to look out for: Disclaimers. If you are providing general […]

Be Careful with Your Purchase Orders

Many of you use purchase orders. That is, you first present a new customer with a written purchaser order setting forth the schedule of protection, services, and applicable charges. You then ask your customer to sign the purchase order, committing to the order and terms. Then, once the purchase order is signed, you later present […]